Swiss financial markets infrastructure operator SIX announced today that UBS, as a new research partner, and Finanz und Wirtschaft newspaper, as a new factsheet provider, have both joined the Swiss Stock Exchange’s Stage Program to raise visibility for listed SMEs. Baader Helvea and Zürcher Kantonalbank, both established partners for the Stage Program, will continue as research partners.

Launched in September 2016, the SIX Stage Program is an initiative to raise visibility for listed small and medium-sized enterprises. It helps a growing number of listed companies to expand their presence in the capital market and their visibility with key stakeholders.

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SIX said that to avoid potential conflicts of interest, neither issuers nor banks have any influence on the distribution of the research mandates; this is done randomly.

SIX research committee

Additionally, a research committee has been set up by the Swiss Stock Exchange to ensure that the interests of the different parties are taken into account. The committee currently comprises two representatives of companies listed on SIX, two investors, an academic representative and two stock exchange employees.

“We are very pleased to welcome UBS, another renowned bank. Finanz und Wirtschaft makes a perfect addition to our Stage Program as a factsheet provider. Since its launch the Stage Program has met with growing interest, and 15 companies are already benefiting from it. What companies appreciate most is that there is no direct contract between them and the research partners partners,” said Christian Reuss, head of cash markets at the Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX.